Snaps from 'The Garden'
Arameka In Pictures

Arameka has been designed to be a garden in the heart of the busy city. The elegant interiors, the greenery and the tranquil atmosphere is sure to take your mind far far away from the hustle of Cochin.

Here is a sneak peak into Arameka - the elegant exterior, the classy rooms, the relaxing spa and more.


The story behind Arameka

During the inception period of the hotel, it was Arameka that struck the whole concept of this project. The name Arameka is derived from the Sanskrit word Aram & Eka. Aram means Garden and Eka means The One. Together it means The Garden ‘One’.

We look forward to provide personalized service and individual attention together with a traditional Kerala cuisine in an ambience of a Garden. I cherished the process of making this hotel. I hope you’ll like living in it.
Promoter / Host
Arun Chandrakanth
Promoter / Host