The Boutique Inn
Arameka The Boutique Inn

A boutique hotel themed with a garden inside.

The metropolitan city of Kochi welcomes you to a unique stay & experience with our next generation boutique hotel, Arameka. Located in the heart of Kochi, Panampilly Nagar, Arameka proposes a variety of introductions to your hotel stay experiences.

Enhancing and integrating technology into the routine, personalized hospitality services for providing individuals with satisfactory experiences, naturally blended cooking ingredients to mesmerize your taste buds; Arameka creates a better impression between our fellow travelers. In the most natural way, we could imagine, we have created a different world for you here.

Flowers with glowing aromas and blushing wishes for you. Little butterflies flying above you to lead your way. Freshness in every breath you take with fragrances of different kind soothing your nostrils, just like you have always imagined, being in a lushabundant garden. Arameka is something that understands you and it is everything you need.

If Kochi is your next destination to be, Welcome to Arameka!


The story behind Arameka

During the inception period of the hotel, it was Arameka that struck the whole concept of this project. The name Arameka is derived from the Sanskrit word Aram & Eka. Aram means Garden and Eka means The One. Together it means The Garden ‘One’.

We look forward to provide personalized service and individual attention together with a traditional Kerala cuisine in an ambience of a Garden. I cherished the process of making this hotel. I hope you’ll like living in it.
Promoter / Host
Arun Chandrakanth
Promoter / Host

Panampilly Nagar - The Location

The splendid thing about the location of the hotel can be understood only if you know a few things about Kochi. The Queen of Arabian Sea as many would say, but it is the heart of the whole world, as we would say.

And in the heart of Kochi, situates the extravagant Panampilly Nagar, the most lively and snazzy street in Kochi. An evening walk could take you to celebrities of all kind. Shops of your likes. Eateries of your taste. And memories for your desires.

Arameka is situated right in the middle of Panampilly Nagar, where your heart will start beating a bit faster than you expect it to be. Come soon! A tranquil environment and fabulous setting awaits you!